Amazon Cloud Cam vs. Arlo: Which is Right for You?

Long gone are the days when you needed someone professional to set up a security system. The consistent advancing technology has made your work a lot easier. Wires? Not mandatory anymore. All you have to do is select a place where you want the camera and connect it to an app.

But, with the surmounting options comes the confusion. Which one should you choose? Which ones aren’t worth the money? Since they cost a good amount, making an informed decision is key.

Amidst such confusion, two products that have always come face to face in the battle are Amazon Cloud Cam and Arlo.

But which one is the best for you?

In case you are looking for an in-depth analysis of the two, we will compare these home security camera systems on the following features:

  • Setup and installation
  • Subscription plans
  • Communication
  • Cameras
  • Indoor and outdoor suitability
  • Pricing

We recommend you read till the end to get every last detail before you make your final pick.

The Two Competitors: Amazon Cloud Cam and Arlo

Amazon Cloud Cam

The first of the two is the Amazon Cloud Cam, which is the first branded camera from the company. For those who don’t want any complications while setting up or using it, this is the best bet.

The camera also has secure connectivity via Alexa to Amazon products like Amazon Fire TV and Echo Show, so even when you don’t have a phone around, you can keep an eye on the surroundings.

But, this has a somewhat scary feature too.

It is one half of the Amazon Key System. Wondering what it is? It allows access to the Amazon delivery executives to leave your package inside your house instead of outside.

This security camera also provides three tiers of cloud storage subscription for $6.99, $9.99, and $14.99.


Our next competitor on the line is Arlo. With a cute name, the product is just as enticing and worth the money.

It is from a popular networking company, Netgear, and has gained massive popularity because of its unique features.

Arlo comes in multiple variants, depending on your needs and requirements. But, all of them are wireless cameras with rechargeable batteries, making the installation easier.

Arlo supports 720p videos, which is more than enough to detect happenings in the activity zones around the house.

Not just that, each of the models come with a base station with sirens that connect to the Internet.

If you are looking for some free storage on the cloud, Arlo has got you covered for the first five days. Following that, there are two plans of $9.99 or $14.99 per month, along with unlimited support.

Breaking Down the Features

Now that we have walked you through the overview of the products, next it is time we discuss the features.

Setup and Installation

Both the cameras – Amazon Cloud Cam and Arlo have a very easy setup and installation process.

The best thing about both devices is wireless design. It cuts down the installation hassle a lot more as well. All you have to do is get the cameras and set them up in the place that you want.

There is no need for you to drill holes separately on the walls since both of the cameras are wireless.

Subscription Plans

Both the cameras come with separate subscription plans of varying prices per month or on a yearly basis for you to avail and unlock some of the top-tier features.

One good thing about these smart security cameras is that they require no contracts for self-monitoring. So, there are no legalities involved. You can buy the security camera and look through the saved video.


When it comes to communication, Amazon Cloud Cam and Arlo need to compared among three different features:

  • Two-way communication
  • Smart home integration
  • Smart detection

The two-way audio communication allows you to stay alert and hear what is happening inside your home when you are out. It is eligible in both the devices. The placement of the camera ensures that you can communicate with someone inside the house when you are away.

In an era of smartphones and devices, these security cameras also come with the smart home integrated option. But, the Amazon Cloud Cam is only functional with Alexa.

The last factor of communication that is worth looking into is the smart detection feature. With this, the camera can easily distinguish between a pet and intruder and send you custom alerts.


One of the main reasons why these cameras have gained so much popularity is because of the high-quality video. Both offer video capture quality of 1080p. It ensures high-quality video in case something is wrong, and you need evidence.

But, the one hi-tech feature that neither of these cameras supports is professional monitoring. So, in case you see something amiss inside your house, you will have to take charge and seek immediate help.

Indoor and Outdoor Suitability

Even though both of these security systems for your home are meant for indoor use, not both of them have similar functions.

While Arlo can be used as an indoor camera and outdoor camera, the Amazon Cloud Cam is not a fitted option for outdoor use.

But, be assured that both of these cameras have a very clear night vision. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about the cameras malfunctioning at night or having a grainy night vision.


If you are on a budget and need a good home security system with a paid subscription, the Amazon Cloud Cam is the cheaper variant starting at $119.

On the other hand, Arlo comes in multiple variants, one of their bestsellers, Arlo Pro, starts at $249.99. But, it is still considered a better purchase as it comes with a base station.

As for the subscription plan, the pricing per month or even per year is more or less the same for both the camera options.


Before we conclude with suggesting our best pick, let us make a quick rundown of the highlight features.

Amazon Cloud Cam

  • It can detect specific sounds with an accurate sound detection feature like a baby crying, glass breaking, etc. to name a few. It also notifies you immediately of the same.
  • It doesn’t support pan and zoom feature, so you wouldn’t be able to get a look around the house and only in the direction of the camera.
  • Take it as you will, but the motion detection of the camera is quite sensitive, which means that you might get falsely notified even when a feather moves.


  • Arlo, in its Ultra model, supports 4K quality video.
  • Much like the prior one, even this one supports advanced object detection with AI technology. It also sends direct alerts based on camera detection.
  • Unlike Amazon Cloud Cam which supports ten cameras, Arlo supports up to 60 cameras on one user which allows a better area coverage.
  • The device doesn’t come with the best battery life in comparison.
  • Arlo offers a wide range of additional features but charges extra for them through monthly subscription charges.

Final Verdict

When it comes to the quality of the security cameras, both Amazon Cloud Cam and Arlo live up to the expectations, but which one out of the two is a better option?

As per my calculations, I would place Arlo on the upper pedestal because of the excess camera options that can fit into your security needs. Not just your staple home security solution, it supports baby monitoring too.

Arlo also supports outdoor camera options that Amazon doesn’t. Even the 4K video quality support is not something you’d get with the Amazon Cloud Cam. So, if you spare a little more for a better option, we suggest you opt for Arlo instead.

When it comes to overall comparison, the wide range of camera options from Arlo beats out Amazon Cloud Cam. In case you want complete coverage of your home and alleyways around the house, Arlo has got you covered.

The separate baby monitor and the 4K Ultra HD video shooting is again something that you wouldn’t find in the Amazon variant. This time around, splurge a little more for a whole around home security solutions from one of the best cameras in the market.