August Doorbell vs Ring: Comparison

Video doorbells for home security are gaining massive popularity, and from them, we are going to compare two. August doorbell and Ring have gained simultaneous popularity, bringing in amazing security to people’s houses.

But, which one of the two is a better option?

Sure, most of the smart home doorbell cam that you come across are integrated with similar features, but still, then, they somehow stand out.

In this comparative article, we are going to put the August doorbell and Ring against each other. We are going to compare every aspect of it and look out for the reasons for purchase.

Let us take a look at the factors we are going to compare the two with:

  • Installation process
  • Design
  • Overall features
  • Pricing

August Doorbell vs. Ring: Quick Overview

Before we get into slicing every part of the comparison, it is better we first get a quick overview of things. This helps you gauge, which is a better option and which one is a hard pass before you read any further.

August Doorbell

While Ring is one of the most common smart home doorbell cams, the August doorbell cam is quite underrated. It is integrated with HindSight technology to promptly capture the footage before the motion detection alerts are sent to your smartphone.

This allows you to get a full picture of the events, enabling you to see who’s at the door too. It is designed with August Smart Lock that allows you to click open the door from the app if it’s someone you know.


Ring is the first generation video doorbell in the series and is now owned by Amazon. The best thing about this smart doorbell is hands down the sleek design. The 720p video camera quality isn’t the best, but let’s be real, for the price you pay, it does get the job done.

Even this functions with the help of an app, allowing live view options to check who’s at the door.

All in all, Ring is a very durable doorbell with a basic quality camera and better functions for an affordable price range.

Comparative Analysis

Now that you have an overview of the two sorted, the next thing to focus on is the comparison. We have broken them down for better understanding and comparison.

Installation process

Whenever it comes to a doorbell cam, the first thing that you need to compare both on is based on the installation process. The majority of the smart home cameras now come with DIY installations that you can do within 15 minutes. Let us take a look at what is the case with the August doorbell and Ring.

August doorbell

The August doorbell cam is wired. So, that itself sets a comparison with Ring, which is a wireless device. Since this is a wired doorbell cam, you need pre-existing wires to install it. The process can be a little complicated. Nevertheless, they do have an instruction manual and support on the side that you can avail.

Even the design of this doorbell is a bit off, meaning that you have to decide a specific place first and then plan the installation. They also have a detailed installation guide that you can take a look through. It is available on their official website.

Additionally, you need to have the basic tool kit in your home for easy installation. Everything is not included in the package.


As mentioned before, Ring is a completely wireless doorbell cam. This is one of the easiest doorbell cameras that you can install. In case you have a wired system, it fits into that as well.

But, the best part of the installation process is the availability of every item in the package. You don’t need anything extra for the installation.

For the actual installation process, it is pretty simple as well. All you need is 15 minutes, and the rest is sorted.


Coming round to the design part, both August and Ring come with unique and one of a kind design. Let us take a look first.

August doorbell

As we have mentioned before, the August doorbell does come with a unique design. Unlike several other models with round design, this one comes with a square one. In terms of durability, the quality is unmatched. It is hands down one of the most attractive doorbells in the market at the moment.

This one is also designed with a Smart Lock that syncs perfectly with the August doorbell cam.


Coming round to Ring, this is one of the best wireless smart doorbells. It is integrated with all the features and comes with a dual-color shade. Unlike the August doorbell, this one has a sleek rectangular design.

It fits right into the space around your front door, offering a clear view without any hassle. The overall build quality is quite durable as well, which further adds to the benefits.

Overall features

Smart doorbell cameras are becoming so popular because of the kind of features they pack in, be it the prompt motion detection or the cloud storage options, the features are quite extensive. Let us look at some of the best ones that the August doorbell cam and Ring video doorbell have.

August doorbell

The first feature of this doorbell that stands out is the high-quality camera. It sports a 1,280x960p HD camera with a stunning 120 degrees field of view. The camera also works seamlessly with the application, both on iOS and Android.

The one drawback to the list of features is the lack of LED light. This affects the night vision of the device as it uses low-light technology for detection.

But, during the day, the quality of the images is pretty amazing and clear. It is also compatible with multiple applications, including August smart locks, August connect, and August keypad.

It also features the on-demand live streaming option, which again is pretty amazing.

Another feature that is a downside to this device is the lack of motion detection. You won’t be notified if someone passes by your door or even stands near it.


Now, coming round to the features that Ring has, they are quite diverse for the price you pay. The 720p camera quality is not the best, but it gets the job done. The motion sensor, though, is pretty awesome.

Unlike August, Ring does provide cloud storage options. The motion detection feature is quite prompt but too sensitive at times. It also has the option to turn it off in case you don’t want the same.

Even the application is pretty flexible and provides prompt alerts. It also supports two-way audio that lets you talk with your visitor in case you aren’t home. But, even with all the amazing features, Ring does have some drawbacks too. The only downside is the “way too sensitive” motion sensor.


Both the August doorbell cam and Ring video doorbell are priced at $199 for the original package. If you want separate real-time features, there are subscriptions that you need to look out for.

For the August smart doorbell, availing the basic plan provides 24 hours of free history. If you want more, the 15-days subscription costs $2.99, and the 30-days subscription costs $4.99 per month.

On the other hand, the Ring video doorbell comes with two paid subscription offers. The Protect Plus costs $10/month while the Protect Basic costs $3/month. Both of them offer 60-days of video history.


So, on ending notes, which one of the two is a better option?

If you want something cost-effective and good quality in terms of camera and the overall features, August doorbell cam is a good pick. For better security with effective motion detection and two-way audio communication, the Ring doorbell is a superior option.

To break the tie, we would put Ring doorbell as the superior option. It has motion detection, cloud storage, two-way audio communication, and even better night vision, all of which are necessary for prompt security and alerts. The only downside is the heightened sensitivity of the motion detector.

Even the installation process is a lot more prompt in comparison, which is a bonus. So, if you are planning on investing in a doorbell video camera, opt for Ring instead. It is affordable, durable, and above all, quite easy to operate via the application too.