6 Best Solar Security Lights in 2020

Security lights are a great way to warn intruders and also feel safe. When choosing your security light, going for a solar-powered security light solution is a great way to save some bucks and be environmentally conscious.

They are still not as widespread, so you also get something unique, they are easy to install and use, and they are wireless. You don’t have to worry about power cuts or backup batteries.

By choosing outdoor solar lights, you minimize wiring, don’t need to worry about the power supply, and don’t need a power backup option. The positives are not just for you but for the environment too. Understanding how they work and which options work the best is something I have put time into, so let me break down the best options for you.  

Table of Contents

  1. Our Pick
    1. Best Overall – LITOM Original Solar Lights
    2. Best Overall Runner-Up – AmeriTop Solar Lights
    3. Best Value – Luposwiten Solar Lights
    4. Best Value Runner-Up – Aootek LED Solar Lights 
    5. Best Budget – BAXIA Technology Solar Lights
    6. Best Budget Runner-Up – Lemontec Solar Lights
  2. What is the Best Solar Powered Security Light?
  3. What are the Brightest Solar Lights On Market?
  4. How Long Do Solar Security Lights Last?
  5. Conclusion

Best Solar Security Light

1. LITOM Original Solar Lights

Best Overall 

LITOM is one of the leading companies in the Solar Lights space with a long lineup of lights for various purposes. The most common and all-purpose out of the lineup is the LITOM Original Solar Lights. It comes with 24 LEDs and three optional motion-sensing modes. 

Don’t let the small number of LEDs on this device fool you; they are very high power LED lights enhanced by the efficient energy management chip. These are sold in a pack of one, two, or four. When used together, they can cover up to 800 square feet and give you a wide-angle of over 270 degrees. 

LITOM offers three motion-sensing modes. The first one is a standard single-mode of normal usage where the lights are turned on constant. The second mode is more the lights to be on at night at dim for non-movement. The last one is the most advanced feature, which detects motion and turns on the lights using the motion sensors. The lights remain on for over 20 seconds after the motion is detected, which is a standard for most rival solar security lights. 

The solar panels used by LITOM are extremely bright and highly efficient, with about 25% better performance than most of its competitors. Furthermore, the lights are rated IP 65 waterproof, comes with a warranty of 3 years, and an expected lifespan of over 36 months, which makes it highly durable even in places with frequent patches of extreme weather. 

The LITOM Original Solar Light is Suitable for:

The LITOM classic Solar Light is suitable for just about anyone looking for a durable solar light with flagship functionality for an extremely reasonable price. With a dimension of 6.5” x 4.57” x 2.2” they are ideal for use in your front door, back yard, garage, driveway, deck, pathway, or porch. 

The popularity and confidence of the masses on LITOM original is clear with a rating of 4.4/5 stars by over 14K reviewers on Amazon.


  • The LITOM Original is available in a pack of 1, 2, or 4 and can cover over 800 square feet.
  • The solar panel is 25% more efficient than most competitors.
  • They are rated IP 65 Waterproof.
  • Three modes of motion sensing are available. 
  • LITOM oozes confidence on the product with a 3-year warranty and 36 months lifespan expectancy. 
  • They are equally liked by critics in the industry and normal masses. 
  • They can deliver an angle of 270 degrees coverage.


  • None.

2. AmeriTop Solar Lights

Best Overall Runner-Up

The AmeriTop Solar Lights have a unique classic lamp like design and are super bright, ultra-wide, and reliable solar lights. 

The three-headed design of the AmeriTop is made to cover as much area as possible with an adjustable feature. Each lamp can produce up to 1,600 lumens at a 6,000K brightness output. The package comes with a mounting kit and a user manual for an extremely easy and convenient setup experience. 

If you thought that every solar light on the list looks the same, then you would get a pleasant surprise by the freshness in the design. Not only are the lamps designed differently, but the solar panel also is not connected to the lamp either. This gives you the freedom to place the panel in a place that receives the most sunlight. The 15-foot long cable is good enough for most households.

The AmeriTop Solar Lights keep up with the trend by offering three modes of motion detection. The Test mode works for both day and night with auto on lighting for 6 seconds after the motion is detected. The Auto mode works from dusk to dawn with an Auto on for a predetermined amount of time before the lights turn on; the time frame can be set to 30, 60, or 120 seconds. The Permanent mode, as the name suggests, keeps the light on from dusk to dawn. 

With a bigger PIR sensor and a wider angle, the lamp can sense up to 49 feet. The AmeriTop product comes with a premium build with an IP65 Waterproof rating and can withstand extreme weather conditions. It comes with a warranty of 1 year as well. 

The AmeriTop Solar Lights is Suitable for:

The AmeriTop flagship is ideal for anyone looking for premium fresh, customizable solar security lights with a massive motion detection range and a separate lamp and solar panel design.


  • AmeriTop Solar Lights boasts a unique design with purpose
  • The solar panel is separate from the lamp and hence can be placed at an ideal position with maximum sunlight.
  • The ultra-wide motion detection sensor sports an angle of 180 degrees and a reach of 49 feet.
  • It has an extremely bright light with 1,600 lumens at 6000K temperature. 
  • It has a massive battery of 3,000 mAH with a year of warranty.


  • The solar panel and lamp separate design might not be ideal for all.

3. Luposwiten Solar Lights

Best Value

This German Solar Light with motion sensor has a massive 100 LEDs per lamp and comes in a pack of 4 at a very reasonable price. These lamps are extremely bright and cover a large and wide area of illumination and motion detection. 

The solar motion sensor works with PIR technology and has 125 degrees of detection range. The sensors are extremely sensitive to motion up to 26 feet. 

The Luposwiten Lamp has a massive body with dimensions of 10.3 x 5.2 x 2.7 inches and an equally massive battery of 2,600 mAH. Luposwiten claims to have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours for its 2,000 lumens lamps.  

The Luposwiten Solar Lights offer an automatic Working mode, which turns on for 30 seconds after the motion is detected. However, unlike most other lights on the list Luposwiten does not offer a dim mode, but claims the lack of which is the reason for a longer lifespan than normal.  

The build quality of the lights is extremely high with ABS plastic and an IP65 waterproof rating. The company is highly confident in its product and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee along with a six months warranty period.  

The Luposwiten Solar Lights is Suitable for:

The German lights are suitable for folks looking for a value for money durable solar security lights with the premium build quality. 


  • They come in a pack of 4 at a reasonable price.
  • Luposwiten Lights have a massive lamp with a 2,600 mAH battery.
  • They offer 100 LEDs and 2000 Lumens per lamp.
  • It has a longer lifespan than most solar security lamps with a claim of 50,000 working hours.
  • It has a premium build quality with ABS plastic and IP65 Waterproof rating.
  • Luposwiten offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a six months warranty period.


  • It doesn’t have a dim lighting mode.

4. Aootek LED Solar Lights 

Best Value Runner-Up

The Aootek LED Solar Lights are one of the leading solar security lights in the market sporting 182 LEDs within a 15.3 inches large solar sensor. The wireless solar motion sensor light can detect movement within 26 feet at an angle of 120 degrees.

The Aootek Solar lights have an option of three modes. One of the more efficient modes is the security mode, which turns on the light when someone is detected by the sensor and then turns back off when there is no activity. 

The second mode is a more standard one; the light remains permanently on throughout the night. However, it is still quite efficient as the light becomes brighter as soon as it detects motion.

The third mode has a more advanced motion detection ability. With an upgraded solar motion sensor, the device can detect within 26 feet at a 120-degree angle. 

While the Aootek flagship comes with a lithium-ion battery of capacity 2200 mAH, which might not be the largest capacity outdoor solar lights, the panels have an efficiency of 1.2 watts at a 20.5% conversion rate which makes up for fairly average battery size. 

The Aootek LED Solar lights are going to spend most of their functional life in an outdoor environment and hence need to be durable and sturdy while having to withstand frequent bad weather. The Aootek frontrunner is IP 65 waterproof and is made with a heat proof material. The Monocrystalline silicon solar panels have dimensions of 3.8” x 3.8” x 8” and are ideal for your garden, porch, patio, or neighborhood watch.

The Aootek LED Solar Light is Suitable for:

The Aootek LED lights are suitable for homeowners who are looking for all-round performance solar security lights, which can withstand fairly bad weather. The Aootek is among the best value of money deals out there.


  • The Aootek sports 182 LEDs within a 15.3 inches large solar panel. 
  • The LED light performs around 3.7 wattages.
  • Dimming functionality is present to make the lights efficient and last longer.
  • The LEDs can cover over 26 feet at a 120 degrees angle.
  • The PIR motion sensor can turn the lights on whenever it detects motion.
  • They have a good efficiency rate of around 20.5%.


  • Aootek offers no warranty for the device.

5. BAXIA Technology Solar Lights

Best Budget 

The BAXIA Technology’s BX SL 101 are retro-style solar security lights that come in a pack of 4. These lamps are compact 4.33 x 5.11 x 2.67 inches in dimension and sport 28 LEDs per unit. 

BAXIA might not have the largest of motion detection range with an individual range of 3-5 meters, but the sensors are very sensitive to motion and turn on for 30 seconds before inactivity. The sensors have a wide-angle of 120 degrees. 

The motion sensors use PIR technology but lack a dimming functionality. The BX SL 101 does not have the largest of batteries given the compact size with a capacity of 1200 mAH. 8 hours of sunlight can illuminate the lamps for the entire night. 

The compact nature of the lights doesn’t take away from its build quality, as they are pretty resilient to heat and dust along with an IP 65 Waterproof rating. BAXIA offers a 30-day full refund and a 180 day limited guarantee period. 

The BAXIA Technology Solar Light is Suitable for:

The BX SL 101 is ideal for anyone looking for a compact and durable outdoor solar security light for their compact outdoors.


  • It has a motion detection range of 3-5 meters with PIR technology.
  • It comes in a pack of 4 with 28 LED lights per unit.
  • It has a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 180-day limited guarantee.


  • It does not have a dimming feature.
  • It is not ideal for larger outdoor areas.

6. Lemontec Solar Lights

Best Budget Runner-Up

The Lemontec Solar Security Lights coming in at 12.2 x 3.8 x 3.7 inches and 62 LEDs per lamp is one of the bigger solar lights in this lineup. Furthermore, the lamp is designed in a way to cover a wide area, making it suitable for bigger houses and larger areas. 

As is the trend with most of the solar security lights on the list, Lemontec also offers three motion detection modes. The Strong Long Light Mode, as the name suggests, offers you the most glare for occasions when the family and friends are doing outdoor activities. The Dim light sensor, on the other hand, gives you dim light until it detects some motion. Lastly, the Strong Light Sensor turns the bright lights on only when it detects motion. 

The third mode uses PIR motion sensors to detect motion up to 26 feet. The lights turn off after 10 seconds of inactivity. 

One of the features that stands out about Lemontec is the battery capacity; it comes with a whopping 3400 mAH and can brighten your outdoors for over 12 hours with a single day of direct sunlight. 

With its massive panel, wide-angle, and bright light Lemontec claims every lamp generates about 2000 lumens of light. The lamps are made for massive outdoor space and allow you an alternative over buying too many sets of solar lights. With over 6 million pieces sold worldwide and mostly positive customer reviews, one could easily bank on the quality of a Lemontec Solar Light; however, it comes with no warranty, perhaps the only downside of this massive beast. 

The Lemontec Solar Lights is Suitable for:

The massive Lemontec Solar Light is suitable for homeowners with large outdoor space looking for bigger panels to cover massive areas over buying multiple smaller lamps. 


  • It is value for money with mostly positive customer reviews.
  • Lemontec lamps have a modern design, a wide-angle, and a massive panel comprising 62 LEDs.
  • It can detect movement over 26 feet.
  • It has three modes of motion detection, Strong Long, Dim, and Strong Light.
  • It can work for over 12 hours on a single day of charge, with a massive 3400 mAH of battery.
  • It is rated IP65 Waterproof.


  • It doesn’t have any warranty. 

What is the Best Solar Powered Security Light?

One of the most common questions from a potential buyer is, “which is the best one?” Unfortunately, the answer is usually not as objective as the buyer is expecting. 

It is a cliche that the best product differs from user to user. However, just like in most cases, it applies to Solar Security Lights too. For example, if you’re a homeowner with a compact outdoor space, then you probably don’t want to spend on a light that has a long-range and big panel with an extremely bright light. You would probably go for a more compact option that can fit your area like the BAXIA Technology Solar Lights even though it doesn’t have a dimming function. 

To answer this question a little more objectively, let’s assume that the budget is unlimited, and you want as many of the features available in the solar lights market. 

Assuming this, there is a choice between the LITOM original solar lights and AmeriTop solar lights. The LITOM solar lights cover most bases with an extensive and wide motion detection coverage, 25% more efficient than most lights in the market, three modes of motion sensing, and a fairly study built, making it ideal for most outdoor sizes. Furthermore, the LITOM has excellent customer reviews and has confidence from the company with a three year warranty period. 

The AmeriTop solar lights, on the other hand, are pleasantly fresh in terms of design and build. Their unique design makes them extremely customizable in terms of the direction of light and consequently leads to a higher angle (180 degrees) and a longer range (49 feet). They also sport a massive battery with a fairly bright light at 1,600 lumens. The best thing about AmeriTop is the customizability of many features like light direction and motion detection cool-down period. Moreover, the ability to separate the solar panel and lamp might be a deal maker for many. 

Some questions to keep in mind when making a choice are:

  • What is the battery size of the lights?
  • How big of a lamp and how many solar lights do I need for my outdoors?
  • How bright are these lights? Do they fit my purpose?
  • Do I need a dimming feature? 
  • What kind of range and angle should I be looking for given my outdoors? 

What are the Brightest Solar Lights On Market?

Unlike the previous question, “what are the Brightest Solar Lights on the market?” has an objective answer. 

Although technically it is a tie between Lemontec and Luposwiten solar light, the Lemontec lights are wider and illuminate a wider area than Luposwiten; on the other hand, the Luposwiten have more LEDs per lamp and are focused on a narrower area. Have your own pick!

How Long Do Solar Security Lights Last?

The Solar Security Lights can reserve power throughout the day and illuminate at night without the need for any wiring as long as they are placed right below the sunlight. One of the most common questions for potential buyers is, “How long do they last?” 

On average, the batteries of these Solar Security Lights are expected to last for about four years before the need for a replacement. The LEDs in these lights, however, can last for more than ten years. 

You would know there is a need to replace parts on your solar lights when they are unable to maintain a charge to illuminate the area beneath during the night. 

It is advisable that the solar lights are charged to the optimum before the first, which is approximately two full days of direct sunlight so that they last longer. 

The lifespan of your solar lights depends on several factors. 

  • The placement of the solar light is extremely important. The lights should be placed in direct sunlight and at a distance from artificial lighting like street lights. The proximity of the solar lights to other artificial lights might cause the sensors to misbehave.
  • Cleanliness is another important factor in the lifespan of a solar light. Since the Solar Security Lights are usually placed in places that get dirty easily like the garden on near roads, it is very important to frequently clean up the panels.
  • Although the solar lights are generally designed to withstand periods of bad weather, the ideal environment for them is a full day of direct sunlight. Long hours of settling snow and heavy wind can diminish their longevity. You can consider storing the solar lights in such a climate if the chances of daylong sunlight are slim. 


Solar Security lights are a good choice to make when considering long term benefits. If you are looking for the best solar security lights, then my choice would be LITOM Original Solar Lights. It is a durable solar light with flagship functionality for an extremely reasonable price.

The AmeriTop Solar Lights comes with a massive motion detection range and a separate lamp and solar panel design. Luposwiten Solar Lights and Aootek LED Solar Lights are good value for money options.

Although all the ones I have talked about are good budget options, if you want to go for even more budget options, then you have BAXIA Technology Solar Lights and Lemontec Solar Lights.