6 Best Wireless Home Intercom System

Having a personal intercom system can make your life a lot easier as they play a vital role in homes and offices. With a wireless intercom system installed you can easily communicate with your entire family no matter where they happen to be in the house.

It can also help you stop horrible accidents before they happen, with the devices acting as security and monitoring systems for the children and the elderly. These devices can take the role of cameras, smart doorbells, medical alert systems and much more.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to securing your homes with wireless intercom systems and you should take the effort to research before you make your purchase. There are a number of manufacturers producing many models of intercom systems, but it is important that you choose the right one among them. There is a lot to consider.

So, we have put together a list of some of the most popular home intercom systems review based on their features to help you find the best option for you.

Best Wireless Home Intercom System

1. Amazon Echo Show

Best Overall

Amazon Echo Show is one of the best wireless home intercom systems. Using Wi-Fi for connectivity brings its advantage, you get to have the internet on your fingertips. You can connect it to Alexa and have it be controlled by your voice. Not only is it wireless, it also easily becomes hands free.

It does so much more than be a home intercom system. You can use it to communicate within your home, to play movies, to listen to music, maintain your calendar, and even call your family and friends on their cell phones.

With the Amazon Echo you certainly get what you pay for. You can connect the Echo with any number of apps, and this feature alone makes your life at home a lot easier. The voice-control feature allows you to use many of the voice-activated features of the devices connected to the Echo.

The Echo comes with all of the features of a wireless intercom station and the features of Alexa, allowing it to connect and communicate with all of your smart home devices, as mentioned. This intercom is not only compatible with Alexa, but with all the products that come with it.

The monitoring capabilities let you monitor your baby or the elderly. Echo is able to connect to your smart home devices, from lights, to thermostats, to door locks and security cameras.

Stream podcasts, make to-do lists, set alarms, listen to audio books, the list goes on and on. The Echo is equipped with the Alexa Skill Kit that offers a huge number of “skills” to help you with your day to day activities.

Pairing your video doorbell devices with the Echo allows you to answer doors and communicate with your visitors with it.

The Echo is pricier than most of the intercom systems on this list, but the features and accessories that come with it, more than accommodates for it.

Amazon Echo Show is Suitable for:

If you need an advanced intercom system with smart home and other additional capabilities, like streaming music, managing calendar, etc, in addition to the standard intercom-only features, and don’t mind the high price point of the device, Amazon Echo Show is suitable for you.


  • It is compatible with Alexa Voice control that lets you use many voice-activated features.
  • It lets you play music and video.
  • It can be be used as a phone, an intercom, or a baby monitor 


  • It needs a Wi-Fi connection.
  • More expensive than the standard intercom systems, due to the added features.

2. Samcom 20-Channel Wireless Intercom System

Best Overall Runner-Up

The Samcom 20-Channel Wireless Intercom System is one of the most expandable intercom systems available in the market. It comes with 20 different secure channels making it a perfect choice if you’re frequently visited by guests or have a very large family.

If you have a large home, you might need numerous stations available. This wireless intercom system, though comes with 20 secure channels, can be expanded indefinitely. Be it individual or group calling between stations, many users can be connected and be taking part in private conversations, all at once. You can talk to anyone with ease, no matter where the person you want to talk to, is, in the house.

The range of each intercom isn’t that big, the 1500 feet range falls a bit short as compared to what other intercom systems have to offer. So with a small number of devices, communication in a large house can get a bit difficult. But because of the fact that you can expand the system to connect as many intercom stations as you want, you can increase the range of the system by doing so. The connections simply get piggybacked off of each others’ antennas, and as a result extend the range of the system.

It is a great monitoring intercom, that lets you monitor the elderly from anywhere, from bathroom to kitchen. You get to listen to your children from any room, ensuring the safety of your kids in your house.

Since each intercom unit has a built-in 2200mAh rechargeable battery, you can take them camping to be used as walkie-talkies, with its 27hrs battery life or 55hrs in standby mode, you can place them wherever you want in your house. It also has a digital display to let you know the channel you are calling.

Buying the start two unit stations can be a bit expensive than other intercom systems in this list, but considering the flexibility that comes with more available channels, and the expandable range, the upgrade beyond two units is worth the price.

Samcom offers a warranty and support throughout the lifetime of this wireless intercom system.

So, if you are looking for an expandable and portable intercom system, this is a great choice that provides crisp, static-free communication, and comes with group call and monitoring capabilities.

Samcom 20-Channel Wireless Intercom System is Suitable for:

Samcom 20-Channel Wireless Intercom System comes with 20 different secure channels, making it suitable for houses with large families. The limited range can be overcome by expanding the number of systems, making it also suitable for people with large houses.


  • It comes with 20 different secure channels .
  • It provides one-to-one as well as one-to-many capabilities.
  • It can be expanded infinitely.
  • It is portable.
  • It comes with a monitor function for the baby’s room.


  • It has a short range
  • The high-threshold voice operation exchange activation cuts off the first few words spoken.

3. 7-inch Wireless Door Phone Intercom System

Best Value

The standard intercom systems are limited in their capabilities, you can only communicate with people at other stations inside the house. This is a door phone intercom that lets you talk to the people visiting your main door, It makes a smart doorbell replacing your old doorbell.

When your visitors at the main door ring this doorbell, the monitor inside the house gets activated, ringing and alerting you with 16 different chimes. The device allows you to see your visitor without physically answering the door and lets you talk to them.

If you have a smart lock system installed, the outdoor device can be connected to it and you can let your visitors in without walking to the door. The range of the device is short, so the connection might not reach everywhere, especially in a big house. You can get a decent transmission upto 300m. It is also advised to be within 10m of range to use the unlock command feature to unlock the door.

The connection is secure and pretty easy to set up. The monitor is pretty portable, as it comes with rechargeable batteries, so you can keep it with you all the time, anywhere in the house, as long as you stay in the range.

The video quality is crystal clear that allows you to see your visitors in broad daylight, and when the light drops low, you can use the infrared night vision to monitor and capture images in low lightning conditions. This allows you to see your visitors at night and keep your family safe.

7-inch Wireless Door Phone Intercom System is Suitable for:

7-inch Wireless Door Phone Intercom System is suitable for those who prioritize safety over communication, and need a door phone intercom system instead of a standard intercom station that helps see and answer visitors and monitor their front-door using the IR night vision at night.


  • It provides crystal clear video quality
  • It comes with night vision.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • It is waterproof.


  • The transmission and the unlock command distance range is short.

4. AMOCAM Video Intercom Doorbell System

Best Value Runner-Up

Similar to the 7-inch Wireless Door Phone Intercom System, the AMOCAM Video Intercom System is a video doorbell system. You can interact with your visitors without physically attending the door using this door phone.

This video intercom system lets you monitor your front door while remaining safe, away from the door, inside your house. The video monitoring offered by its 7-inch LCD screen is of great quality, while  providing you complete convenience. The system also comes with infrared LED capability for night vision.

The two-way intercom lets you speak to anyone that visits the front door while you remain in privacy – the audio and video access to anyone without having to be manually present is ideal for use for home and office security. The power consumption of the HD LCD screen is low, and still manages to deliver clear images, even in low light conditions and night.

The electronic door release feature allows you to unlock the door without you physically unlocking it, making it one of the most impressive features of this AMOCAM video doorbell. On a busy day when many guests arrive, or when you need to answer the door as soon as possible, you can avoid the exhausting trips to the door and unlock it using this feature.

You need to have an electronic lock installed on the door and attached to the front door, and once unlocked, you need to manually lock the door as this feature only supports power supply for unlocking.

The system is pretty easy to install. Once set up, you get to choose from 16 different types of ring chimes, and the monitor provides volume control, brightness and contrast control.

The build is slick and sturdy as it is made with an aluminum alloy panel that is oxidation resistant. Your purchase is secured with a 3 year manufacturer warranty.

With all of the listed capabilities, this intercom system is a great combination of price and features offered. This is an affordable intercom system as compared to its competitors in the doorbell category, as well as the ones featured on this list.

This purchase can be your first step to secure your home, that is affordable yet effective, and this is a great addition to your front door if it lacks a peephole or windows.

AMOCAM Video Intercom Doorbell System is Suitable for:

AMOCAM Video Intercom System Monitor Doorbell System is great for those who need to secure their homes but are tight on their budget. The function on price ratio is great, and you won’t go wrong with choosing this intercom system.


  • It comes with a 7-inch LCD display monitor.
  • It is affordable.


  • The volume of the outdoor component is  low.
  • The wire could be longer.

5. TekeyTBox 1800-Feet 10-Channel Wireless Intercom System

Best Budget

If you are tight on the budget, the TekeyTBox Wireless Intercom System is a budget-friendly option available. This wireless intercom is easy to set up. Full expandability support allows you to expand your two intercom station setup to an unlimited number of additional intercom stations.

The intercom features 10 different secure channels that let you talk to one person privately, or talk to everyone at the same time. The large range of 1800 feet makes it an ideal option for people with large homes.

These intercoms do come with a rechargeable battery and you can quickly recharge them by plugging it in to the standard power supply or to a power bank. But these batteries don’t last very long since they were not designed to be a primary power source but a backup power source. So it would be preferred to keep them plugged for as long as needed, to the wall. Do make a note that in order to use the intercom for outdoor activity, you will have to carry a 5V 1A mobile power bank which is not that easy to find in the market, in turn harming its portability even more.

The intercom system also doesn’t perform that well with large distances and obstacles, so it won’t be a good idea if you’re planning to use it outdoors and you want to keep an eye (or ear) at the elderly or your baby at home, while doing outdoor work far away from our house. The system is best used only within the house.

As mentioned, the setup is pretty much plug-and-play. The clear button layout, the volume controls make it easy to use and makes the operation manual-free. You can buy a two or three-unit package, as the system you buy can be expanded to more units. The TekeyTBox intercoms are compatible with each other, so you can expand the system to any product that TekeyTBox has to offer.

It comes with a lifetime TekeyTBox warranty.

TekeyTBox 1800-Feet 10-Channel Wireless Intercom System is Suitable for:

With its range of 1800 feet makes it a great choice for people with large houses. Limited portability due to limited battery backup, and poor performance with large distances and obstacles, makes it ideal for the people who want a setup with fixed intercom stations in their house and don’t have much need for outdoor usage.


  • It is easy to set up.
  • It has a large range of 1800 feet.
  • It comes with ten different secure channels.
  • It can be expandable to unlimited units.
  • It provides one-to-one and group calling features


  • It has limited portability.
  • The call alert from the calling unit can be loud.

6. Hosmart 7-Channel Wireless Intercom System

Best Budget Runner-Up

If you want an intercom system that offers a great range and is extremely portable, then this Hosmart Wireless Intercom System is the right option for you. This is a 7-Channel intercom for offices and homes. These stations offer one of the largest ranges on this list, a large range of ½ a mile in ideal situations making them extremely portable. It works great as an audio baby monitor, you can check on your baby any time while you get your work done even when outside of your house.

The outstanding battery life too contributes to its portability, as each device is equipped with a rechargeable battery that allows it to operate when not plugged in with wired power. You can also power it with your power bank when not at home as these devices also come with USB ports for charging them. Getting your outdoor chores done and keeping in touch with everyone inside the house through this highly portable device can’t get any easier than this.

You can expand the system by connecting as many devices as you may need. The number of channels featured are limited, but these seven different channels should be enough for an average size family. The system allows one-to-one, as well as one-to-many communication, allowing you to make announcements to all of the units at the same time quickly and with ease.

The setup is pretty straight forward as the devices are plug-and-use and can be up and running in minutes. Once the devices are powered, you have to synchronize the channels and place them wherever you need in your house or office. 

Overall, the Hosmart system is a great all-in-one intercom system for property-wide communications. It is durable and easy to set up, and perfect for maintaining contact in homes and offices.

Hosmart 7-Channel Wireless Intercom System is Suitable for:

The 7 different channels offered by this Hosmart Intercom System makes it suitable for an average sized household. The ½ mile range offered makes it a perfect choice for large house properties, with outdoor use, or for office spaces.


  • It has a large range of upto ½ a mile.
  • It comes with a portable rechargeable battery.
  • It is expandable.
  • It is easy to set up.


  • It has only seven channels.
  • The instructions of operation are sparse.
  • The call alert volume is loud.

What is the Best Intercom System for Home?

One of the most simplest and common questions does not have a simple or objective answer. But, I have given you 6 options to choose from.

Here’s the rundown –

  • Best Overall – Amazon Echo Show
  • Best Overall Runner-Up – Samcom 20-Channel Wireless Intercom System
  • Best Value – 7-inch Wireless Door Phone Intercom System
  • Best Value Runner-Up – AMOCAM Video Intercom Doorbell System
  • Best Budget – TekeyTBox 1800-Feet 10-Channel Wireless Intercom System
  • Best Budget Runner-Up – Hosmart 7-Channel Wireless Intercom System

Wireless Home Intercom System Buying Guide

To find the best intercom system for you can look at the following factors.

1. Multiple Connections 

Depending on your requirements, business or home, you might require a different number of intercom units setup. Wireless intercoms can be as simple as a two unit system for smaller residential properties or small businesses, although it should have the ability to add on more units if required for maximum connectivity, especially in larger properties

Irrespective of personal or business use, the wireless intercoms can be hooked up with multiple intercoms. Even if the initial setup required a handful of units to be set up, it should be fairly simple to add on more units to the existing network. There is no limit to the number of intercom units that can be connected together. Consequently, the user should not be limited by the equipment.

2. Ease of Set Up

As mentioned before, the number of intercom units set up initially might change with growing business or personal  needs. As a prerequisite to this, addition of newer units should be fast and smooth. Unlike the traditional wired intercom systems, the newer systems hardly require any skill to set up. Wired intercom systems required cable and electric work. On the other hand, wireless intercom systems can be set up simply by following the instructions in the guide. 

The simple set up of modern wireless intercom systems also saves the time and money for intercom companies as well as they don’t need to hire professionals to do the electric and cable work. The detailed and unambiguous guide for set up is enough for most customers to get them working.

3. Range

Another important factor to consider while selecting an intercom system is it’s range. Range can be defined as the maximum distance over which two intercom units can communicate with each other. A range of 1000 feet is common in the industry. Although, the range number should be taken with a grain of salt as it differs with the number of structural barriers physically present between two units. 

The ideal range will differ from person to person as smaller properties might not require long range, whereas for larger properties the range might be a deal breaker. 

4. Cost

This is a defining factor for most customers. Ideally an average company premise can get connected in USD 200. Obviously, the higher the number of intercom units required for a premise the higher the cost will be. However, the per-unit investment yields impressive returns if the overall productivity of a company increases. If the employees are more efficient, the system will eventually pay for itself. 

5. Dual Functionality 

Not all wireless intercoms are the same. The two types of wireless intercoms are desk intercoms, and portable intercoms. As their names suggest, the desk intercom will remain at one location indefinitely, and the portable intercoms are wearable. An effective intercom system should be able to provide any quantity of both types. For example, a versatile system can have 10 desk intercoms and 50 portable intercoms. 

6. Telephone Capability

A modern wireless intercom system has the capability to contact any unit in the system. They can even support conference calls between multiple units. It is a convenient, quick, and cost efficient way of contacting employees who are close by but not easy to get a hold of. Portable intercom units can be used here between people.  

What Can You Do With the Home Intercom System?

Home Intercom Systems are becoming increasingly popular by the day, and there are good reasons for it. Irrespective of whether the system is wireless or wired, they share some common advantages. Following is the list of some of the most prominent highlights of Home Intercom Systems.

1. Security

According to a 2020 State of Safety survey in the United States, the most feared property crime amongst Americans is home break-ins when they’re sleeping. Moreover, only 24% reported they had any kind of home security systems. 

If you’re concerned with the safety of your house, getting a Home Intercom System is a no-brainer. The system connects the external main door unit with the internal in-house device. The two-way audio and video communication setup lets you examine the visitor from your screen and even have a conversation about the visit if the visitor is a stranger. 

Furthermore, the system sends you an alert message once someone presses your doorbell. This will empower you to screen your visitors.

2. Convenience

The convenience factor is high especially for the wireless intercom systems, since you don’t have to get up every time to answer the door. This convenience feature turns into a life saver if you’re living with a disability. Modern intercom systems are the perfect blend of convenience and security for your home.

3. Monitoring Activities of Children

Another common fear factor amongst adults is the safety of their children. One of the struggles of a modern busy parent is the helplessness when it comes to keeping a track of their children’s safety all the time, especially when they are very young. 

An efficient intercom system comes with CCTV cameras. This helps the parent to keep an eye on their children even when they are outside playing. These systems usually have a mobile streaming option, ideal of a busy parent. You can get a real-time view of your premises, neighborhood, and potential threats. 

With the busy lifestyle of modern parents, it is inevitable that children will spend some amount of time alone at home. Smart intercom systems allow you to keep a tab on their whereabouts inside and outside the house. 

4. Wireless Intercom Option

The option of wireless intercoms can help you save a fortune on cable wiring costs and are much more convenient than the traditional wired intercom systems. If you have a massive house with multiple rooms and floors, having a wireless system will save you unnecessary long walks to the door.

Should You Opt for a Wireless Intercom System?

While it is true that the traditional wired intercom systems are more reliable as compared to the wireless ones, as they’re installed, near permanently, at a fixed place in the house and are connected to a steady power supply, and some scenarios may be better served by it. But you may find yourself in situations where you would benefit from having wireless stations. Wireless intercom devices are cheaper, and are almost plug-and-play when it comes to their installation.

The Good

Wireless intercom systems are portable as they come with rechargeable batteries. With a good range on a single unit, you can safely take your unit outdoors to do your chores while you monitor the children or the elderly inside the house. You can take them camping and keep them charged by plugging them to your power banks, as many of the wireless intercom systems come with USB charging support.

The portability of the wireless intercom systems allow you to place them anywhere in your house. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, so you won’t have to purchase separate units to be installed for communicating with visitors at the front door.

Most of the devices are compatible with other intercom devices manufactured by the same manufacturer, and can be easily connected to them providing a great expandability for not just  accommodating the need for more stations, but also increasing the overall range of each unit in the system.

If you are worried about the wireless intercom systems interfering with your wireless internet, worry not. They both operate on different frequencies so there won’t be any significant interference from either.

The Bad

With a poor battery backup, the device can die on you very quickly, giving you a very small operating window for it to be used unplugged. Furthermore, some of the devices are only compatible with power banks of specific voltage and ampere ratings, harming the portability of the devices even more. Read the specifications of the devices carefully before purchasing, for avoiding such problems.

The range of the systems should be taken with a grain of salt as it might get reduced with introduction of any thick or dense obstruction in between the wireless devices. So the range listed by the manufacturer is the maximum range that the device can offer in a clear line of sight.

Some devices might come with inherently limited range that can be improved by adding more units to the system. You won’t be able to benefit from the advantages of the expandability of the system if you only need a small number of devices in your house.

Tips for Choosing the Best Wireless Intercom System

1. Know Your Needs

Decide what your needs are based on what kind of an intercom system you need to be installed in your home or office. Knowing how you would want to use the intercom system will help you narrow down on the choices based on features and will help you make a decision.

2. Know How to Operate It

You should know how to operate the model you are purchasing. You need not worry though as many of them come with ample instructions and manuals that will help you operate it properly. And the ones that lack necessary instructions, you will learn the operation based on how easy to use the models are. 

Read up on the manufacturer’s official website, watch tutorials online and make yourself familiar with the device before you buy it.

3. Check for Video Capability

Many modern intercoms come with video capabilities that offer additional home security. The doorbell intercoms offer a crystal clear quality and infrared night vision for night time monitoring.

4. Check Customer Reviews

Reading customer reviews online can give you subtle details that can be a deal breaker for you. Compare the models against each other based on these reviews and choose.

5. Test It Out Before You Buy

You can get familiar with the product by reading online, visiting the manufacturer’s official website, but it won’t give you the same insight as trying it out by yourself.


When looking for the best of wireless home intercom systems, the options are endless. Our best overall pick is the Echo Show. It comes packed with features in addition to the intercom-only features, such as music streaming, calendar management, and pretty much everything that a smartphone can do. The Echo Show connects to Alexa and that opens up tons of smart home capabilities.

If you’re looking for a standard intercom-only solution, Hosmart 7-Channel Wireless Intercom System is the right choice for you. It has a great range and an outstanding battery backup for better portability. A great option for use in large homes and for outdoor use.

There are other options on the list that would suit you better, say, if you need a door phone intercom, you can go for either 7-inch Wireless Door Phone Intercom System or AMOCAM Video Intercom System.

Choose your model wisely, and only make the purchase if the model you choose offers the features you need.