How to Make a Security Door for Bedroom

A bedroom is an extremely private space, where people want to feel safe and comfortable, without worrying about the outside world. Everyone needs their personal space, and it is extremely important for people to feel secure in it. 

We usually sleep, talk, read books, watch our favorite shows, and share intimate moments in our bedrooms. We also have our cupboards and lockers in our bedrooms, which have expensive and valuable items stored in them, such as jewelry, clothes, and antiques, which we treasure the most. 

Thus, we can say our bedroom is a small world of ours, separate from the outside world. It is basically a safe room.

To continue this divide from the outside world and to maintain our personal space in our safe room, we need to ensure the utmost security and enforce certain measures. These measures should be enforced so that we feel safe spending time within the bedroom and so that anyone may it be an intruder or just a friend or family member, does not intrude into our personal space without any permission.

This feeling of not being safe also affects our sleep in many ways. Our primitive senses of always being alert and to defend ourselves are the most active when we are vulnerable or when we are going to sleep. Thus to feel safe and to sleep well, knowing that we are protected from any unwanted intruder in our personal space, it is best to protect ourselves with the right equipment and the right lock.

Just closing the safe room doors does not confer enough security to the people inside as it can be opened easily or even broken down if it has a weak lock. So what are the solutions to securing the door? A door can be secured through several easy and simple means, which will be stated below. So let’s get started.

How to Secure a Door?

As discussed in the passage above, we as humans would not feel safe if our place of residence does not feel safe. To secure your bedroom door or your home door, there are several techniques and methods to be followed, which have been growing much more important in today’s day and age of burglary and the growing importance of personal space and privacy.

Lock the Door Adequately

One of the most important aspects of protecting ourselves is to lock our doors adequately, with sturdy and trustable locks, which do not break easily. Many people do not install locks on their doors or install bad quality locks, thinking they will never need it, but we should always keep the principle of prevention is better than cure and protect ourselves for the worst possible outcome and get sturdy, strong, and quality locks to guard ourselves.

Sensory Control Alarm

The security industry in the USA is booming as they have independent houses and no one to guard them as the manpower is extremely expensive; thus, many people make the use of sensory controlled alarms, which give them the notification of someone approaching their door. 

These alarms are growing in popularity and are being installed all around the houses nowadays. It acts as a virtual guard, protecting the inhabitants. It also has cameras installed with it commonly, for providing all-round security.

Grills and Door Frames

Many people install grills and door frames as the second layer of protection for their bedroom security door and their interior door and lock it from the inside. Locks and wood are easy to break or pick into, but steel or iron is not easy to break into without making noise; thus, it alerts the residents whenever someone does so.

In conclusion, one can use all of these methods to secure their door along with some old tricks such as getting a guard dog that barks and even attacks the intruder while the residents are asleep, thus protecting everyone in the house. In the end, the choice of protection and the level of protection accorded is yours, and one should take measures according to their security needs.

How to Install a Security Door?

There are several simple steps to make your door a security door; it ranges from the type of door that you buy to the type of locks that you fit in your door with. This includes the type of build or material of your bedroom security doors. 

One thinks of metal doors as secure doors for maximum protection, such as in bank vaults and gold shops. But to get a security door for your bedroom, one needs a door which is not only strong and sturdy but also looks attractive and good; thus, we need to look at those security doors which are strong and also go with the decor. 

While installing a security door, it is important to pay attention to two major factors—the material of the door and the lock.

Choose the Right Material

Mahogany wooden doors are the best and the most sturdy options available to get a good and strong door, which is not easily breakable. It is also not very expensive and looks extremely stylish and gives your house an aesthetic value to it. Thus efforts should be made to get security doors of such material that are strong and sturdy and provide adequate protection.

Another option is to install a steel framing or grills outside the door for adding additional protection or to make an entire iron door or casing, which will provide maximum protection from all breakage. There are several good designs for steel frames and iron security doors, but people don’t opt for them as it does not look that good, but it does provide the best protection as compared to any other wooden door.

Put a Sturdy Lock

Now to talk about how to further reinforce the steel or the strong wooden doors that we got. There are several varieties of locks in the market which can be used easily and at a low cost to reinforce extra safety on the doors of our bedrooms.

These locks include bolt locks, Keypad locks, clamp locks, chain locks, grill frames, barricade locks, etc. Each lock has a different usage, different degrees of security, different purpose, and different way to install, all of this will be discussed in the locks section.

How to Install a Lock for Your Bedroom Door?

One of the best ways to secure your door or make a security door is to just lock the door. A secure door comes with a built-in lock system. But these locks are not very strong or stable. It can work with your basic privacy needs, but it cannot protect you from everything, as this lock can easily be broken down from the outside by a heavy push.

The right lock is very important with regards to upping your security game. Some of them need professionals for installation, and some can be done by yourself. Make sure to take your budget into account and also your skill level when choosing the locks. Security is something that you shouldn’t compromise with, so if you have to save up, then I would suggest doing so.

It is better to look at other sturdier locks to ensure maximum safety for our bedrooms. Here are some of the common lock types that you can go with:

Bolt Lock

A metallic bolt lock is a lock that can be attached anywhere on the door. This lock, as the name suggests, locks the door through a bolt. 

How does the lock work:

  • The metallic bolt is mounted on the door.
  • The valve in which the lock goes is mounted on the wall. 
  • When the door closes, one just needs to push the bolt into the valve, and the door is locked.

The beauty of this lock is that one can mount several of these locks on the door for additional protection, and it is available at a cheap cost in any hardware or local stores. This lock is sturdy, easy to install, and can be done in a few minutes. 

It does not give maximum security, as it will break if a lot of force is applied on the door, or the wooden door will break itself, but it provides adequate enough security to protect your privacy.

Keypad Lock

A keypad lock, as the name suggests, is a lock which accords security to the door by protecting the door with a password lock. 

How does the lock work:

  • This lock can be attached to the door handle, with a keypad attached to it or near it, according to the several variations of this lock available in the market.
  • This lock protects the door with a password; it can be a unique number or alphabet code which only the resident knows, and only on typing that in the lock will open and the person can enter the door. 
  • Without the knowledge of that code, no one else can open the door, thus preserving the privacy of the people residing in the bedroom.

One disadvantage of this type of lock is that if an intruder or a friend knows the unique code or the password of the lock, he/she can easily be granted access to the room and open the door, without any intimation. This then again becomes extremely difficult to make it private from our friends and family as they usually are aware of the password and can come in anytime.

Door Chain/Strike Plate Lock

A door chain is extremely simple, yet one of the most effective ways to warn the people inside of someone entering and also not granting someone the ability to enter. This is usually used as a last line of defense against a person entering the room. 

How does the lock work:

It is extremely easy to install and use. 

  • One just has to install it on the door and the socket of the chain lock on the side and attach them both. 
  • Anytime someone is at the door, and you have to check who it is, one can just slightly open the door and peep, and the lock will still be granting you protection.

If there is no other lock on the door and the person is trying to enter, the door will only open till the length of the chain and then stop. Thus, informing the people inside about someone entering. As stated earlier, this can only be used as a last line of defense or to check if someone is at the door without actually opening the said door. 

This is because the chain is not as strong to hold massive blows at the door, and a thief or a person can eventually open it by putting their hand in the small gap. Thus it does not make it the safest of the locks to depend on by giving it the responsibility of solely protecting your home.

How to Make a Homemade Lock for Your Bedroom Door?

DIY Chain Lock

One of the easiest and homemade locks that can be made for your bedroom door is the chain lock. One just needs a sturdy chain and a couple of bolts and screws to attach to the wall, and a chain lock can be made. As stated earlier, this lock can only be used as a last line of defense or as a secondary lock along with another strong, sturdy lock.

DIY Security Bars

One more idea for a homemade door lock is installing certain weighted bars or emergency bars on the door while sleeping. These bars will serve as an adequate amount of weight on the door to stop an intruder from breaking and entering the door. There are many security bars available in the market as well that come with adjustable height and such. If you don’t want to DIY a security bar, then here are some options to check out:

This technique has been used since medieval times when kings guarded their castles by placing a huge bar or wooden log on the door. It should be kept in mind that this technique should not be used on emergency doors as it becomes difficult for people to remove it and exit at times of an emergency. 

Other Security Measures

There are other ways such as placing small wooden studs at the door to prevent it from opening. You can use anything weighted as a door stopper, but there are also products that are light on your pocket and work perfectly with your bedroom doors, such as:

Another classic is making your dog sleep outside your room to guard the door, but it will be much safer and convenient if the door is also reinforced with a stronger, much sturdier lock to keep everyone safe.


The safety and security industry is one of the most booming industries worldwide, especially in the United States of America, as people are realizing and placing their trust and reliance on the safety and security industries to guard their houses. 

One should first and foremost use safe and sturdy locks to protect their bedroom doors and maintain their privacy. There are several variations available in the market to choose from and to select according to the needs, compatibility, and price range of the purchaser. Then you can go ahead with other security measures to add to it.