How to Secure a Door from Being Kicked in

Safety and security should be the utmost priority of every person. Security needs rank second in the Maslow’s need hierarchy. Thus without actually satisfying those needs, a person cannot move forward in his life to achieve his other needs and goals.

This need is a growing need all over the world. People are getting more paranoid and scared as they have access to news easily and readily and read stuff about burglaries and try to find ways to prevent the same from happening to them. This has given rise to the growing demand for the tools and appliances of the home security industry, such as cameras, alarms, motion sensors, a variety of locks, etc.

Until a person does not feel safe inside his own home, he cannot live peacefully. The thought of someone breaking into his home and entering will always be bothering his/her subconscious mind and will not let the person reside with ease. 

To prevent this issue, home security companies cover each and every part of one’s house, which can be susceptible to break-ins or which are vulnerable, thus making people’s lives easier.

This includes doors, windows, lawns, glass surfaces, terrace, etc. All the parts of your house will be covered by security companies giving you the feel of maximum home security. But in this article, we will be talking about the protection accorded to doors and how to prevent them from breakage and damage to keep the inhabitants safe. 

About 40-50 percent burglaries happen from the front door, with the burglar either kicking the door down or knowing where the house keys are to open the doors. These figures are not a joke. Burglaries are on the rise since unemployment is rampant, and recession is hitting harder than ever; people are desperate and are resorting to such desperate deeds. 

Home security and securing our front as well as our bedroom doors are the most important aspect to ensure personal security and our home safety. Thus certain methods are stated below, which can help you know how to secure a door from being kicked in by burglars and intruders.

How Do You Reinforce the Door?

Reinforcement of your house doors is an extremely important aspect of ensuring personal safety, which can be done in several steps, according to the protection and needs of each individual.

1. Make Doors from Sturdy Materials

One of the best and the most efficient ways to reinforce your doors from being kicked down and being more sturdy to take damage is to make a door from a much more sturdy material. 

Hollow core doors make for weak doors. When people think about sturdy materials, metal and steel doors of banks and jewelry shops come to their minds, but those are extremely expensive and are not feasible for homes. 

One needs to find a cheap yet sturdy alternative to the same. One such sturdy alternative is to use hard and heavy wood to make such doors. Doors made of wood such as Mahogany and Timber are extremely sturdy and strong and are not easily breakable. 

Along with being sturdy and strong, these types of doors also look extremely stylish and give an additional aesthetic value to the entire house. 

Being so thick, sturdy, and strong, burglars and intruders will not be able to break the door down, and even if they do, the process will make enough noise to alert the residents to call the cops.

Another alternative to be used is to make your door frame and grilled doors of steel and iron. The door frame or grill act as an additional layer of security and safety barrier to your home or bedroom door, which cannot be brought down with kicks, however strong the kicks might be. It will require a burglar to use welding equipment to break it down and thus will alert the residents of the underlying threat.

2. Replace Your Hinges and Bolts for Stronger Ones

When a burglar or intruder strikes a door to bring it down, it is not usually the doors which break into half, as usually wood is difficult to break, but it is the hinges of the door which give in and break. To reinforce the door to make it break-proof, just changing the door frame and material won’t cut it, but you also need to reinforce it with new hinges, bolts, and plates to make the entire structure stronger and sturdier.

Start by replacing the bolt of your doors which come with the house with a grade 1 bolt, which is sturdier and stronger. Using 1-inch screws are used, but you need to replace them with 2-3 inches long screws. Get a good quality bolt to ensure there won’t be any defect or weakness in the future. 

Further, one can also replace the door hinges and the nuts with a strike plate. A strike plate uses a steel chamber technology to lock the bolt efficiently, unlike the normal bolt. There also needs to be a particular type of hinges and nuts to hold a strike plate, which should be of particular strength and girth to hold it. The strike plate lock for doors can also be used as an efficient replacement of a door chain, as it is much sturdier and provides better fortification.

3. Replace Normal Glass Doors with Shatterproof Glass 

Certain homes use glass doors and sliding glass doors as their front door, backyard doors, patio doors, or bedroom doors. While it does give a classy look to your house, it does not provide adequate fortification from intruders as it is easily breakable, without even using a tool. 

To protect your glass door from being kicked down or broken, it is better to use shatter-proof/tempered glass. This glass is sturdier and harder to break as compared to normal glass and does not shatter like normal glass. This glass thus protects you from cuts when the glass of the door breaks.

One more option for this is to use polycarbonate glass, which is ten times stronger and sturdier than regular glass. Even though it looks like normal glass, it is made up of acrylic substances and thus makes it extremely difficult to break down. People also use hardened and sturdy plastic doors, which give the look of glass, but are sturdier and are shatter-proof.

For the users of glass doors, people need to use a sturdier substance as stated above because if a regular glass is used, it can easily be kicked down by the intruders and can also hurt the residents from the bits and pieces from its breakage.

How Do You Secure a Front Door From the Inside?

As we have discussed above, 50 percent of the burglars use the front door to enter, and it is important to discuss ways in which we have to secure a door so as to prevent the burglars and the intruders from getting any opportunities to do so.  

We can reinforce our doors by changing its materials, by casing it with grills and metal rods, and also by replacing its hinges, but these are all methods to reinforce the structure of the door.

Now we will discuss methods to reinforce the door from the inside to not only give our subconscious mind a sense of safety and security but also to prevent burglars from entering our homes once the structure of the door is breached.

1. Lock Your Doors

This is one of the most basic yet not followed principles to keep you and your family safe. Many times people take the safety of their neighborhood for granted and end up keeping their front door or back door unlocked. 

Either that or keep the keys under the doormat, which is as good as handing the intruders the keys. Thus however strong your doors may be, if it is unlocked, you are inviting robbers into your house.

Now the solution is simple, that is to lock the doors from inside. But not just ordinary door locks which come with the door but sturdy trustable locks which are of reputed brands and of great quality which ensure you with protection.

There are a wide variety of locks to choose from.

Bolt Locks

These locks are simple, but a sturdy bolted lock from inside can prevent any burglar from entering your house. It is also extremely easy to install, and one can also install several of these locks on the door for added safety.

Just place the lock on the door and its socket on the wall beside it, and connect it. This will keep the door sturdy and will act as another layer of protection from burglars at an extremely low cost. This type of door locks will be available at any nearby hardware store and is extremely easy to install and use.

Strike Plate Locks

A strike plate lock performs every task of a chain lock but is much safer and sturdier to keep the inhabitants safe. Strike plates can withstand the force of up to 50 kicks as compared to a normal chain lock, which can be broken up in a few strikes only. 

Further, strike plates are extremely easy to install and use, and are readily available at every hardware store nearby. Thus this is one of the best locks to enforce your house with.

2. Sensory Control Alarms

Security companies use high-grade alarm systems, which capture the sensory movements of any object or person outside your door; thus, just by installing this alarm, you get an intimation of anyone even coming near your home. If there is a break-in or any suspicious activity, the alarm informs the cops itself, thus, keeping you safe in every sense.

3. Barricade/Security Bar

Even though a burglar will be able to kick down the door and the locks, he will for sure not be able to kick down a barricade or a safety bar which has been placed on the door. 

A door security bar is a bar attached to the door and to the ground and uses the friction of the ground as a source of protection. The force of the kick is absorbed by the door security bar and is taken straight to the ground. The thick bar is readily available at all hardware stores and is extremely easy to install and use

A barricade or door jamb can be placed on the door as the last line of defense against the kicks of the intruder. A barricade or door jamb will be holding the door, even after the bolts and the hinges have been broken down, and thus it is an extremely efficient last line of defense. 

One great disadvantage of the barricade or a door jamb is that in case of an emergency, it will be extremely difficult to move from its place and is not a good remedy. But, that is not entirely true. Most of the barricades can be easily accessed from the inside, the way it should be so it will not be a problem every time you need to get out.

Can a Deadbolt Door be Kicked in?

The answer is yes, an ordinary deadbolt door, if sufficient force is applied, can be kicked in. This is due to the fact that usually, the hinges or the screws of the deadbolt come out due to the force, and thus the door is kicked down. 

The best way to ensure that does not happen is to place a strike plate lock as a contingency plan. This lock can take up to 50 hits and is pretty sturdy, thus giving enough time to alert the residents of the underlying threat.


The bottom line is that one can select any of the above-mentioned methods to fortify their houses from intruders, according to their needs, their house’s dimension, the kind of doors, and their price range. 

Everyone’s safety is in their own hands, and to protect their house and their family, one should use the best resources available to them to make sure their safety remains intact. 

They need to make sure their door is not only reinforced from the outside but also has sufficient security from the inside, so as to be protected from any type of threat at bay.