How to Secure Windows Without Bars

Nothing is more important than keeping your house safe. It is your personal space where your family resides, in the safety of four walls. The last thing you want is to have an intruder in your house, stealing your hard-earned money or your valuable belongings. 

Theft and robbery have been a recurring problem for several years. But this issue has gotten worse in recent times; with the economy being hit badly and recession looming over everyone’s head, people have been resorting to burgling. 

Even with extreme technological developments, we are guarding homes with just a glass window without even locking it. If you aren’t vigilant enough in current times, it is as good as handing your home on a silver platter to the burglars. It is our duty and responsibility to do everything from our side to not give them a chance to enter our houses. 

We have all bought expensive locks and video camera bells for our doors, even double dooring, and triple dooring has been considered as an option these days. But what about your windows? 

Especially in the United States of America, where there are several independent houses, instead of apartment buildings in the suburbs and the city, without any security, it makes their houses more susceptible to burglary. These houses have huge windows and several such entrances that are neglected, and the entire focus is mainly on the safety of the doors.

95% of all home invasions require some sort of forceful entry, be that breaking a window, picking a lock, or kicking in a door. Burglary or home invasion also costs Americans an average of 3000 dollars per home

Instead of being reactive, one should be more proactive and thus provide adequate security and safety their house requires, especially their windows, since it is one of the main gateways to enter the house.

How do I Secure My Windows from the Inside?

Now the question stands: how to secure windows without bars from the inside?

The answer is quite simple, yet is not followed by several people. Whether you hear news of burglary around your neighborhood or not, it is better to be safe than sorry and to keep the windows locked. Many times we forget to lock the windows properly or keep the windows open, which in turn gives a perfect opportunity for burglars and intruders to enter. Therefore, one of the simple ways to secure your windows is to just lock it.

There are several types of locks to be used, such as a pin lock, key lock, a latch, hinged-wedge lock for double-hung windows, and a sash lock. These locks can be integrated according to the type of window and the degree of protection needed.

Another way is to make two windows, one that opens outwards and an inner one with a better lock, which will be used to lock the window at night or when the residents are going out. One can also use meshed windows and cover the windows with curtains for the robbers to not be able to even peak into the house.

Mesh windows can be of plastic or of metal. Naturally, metal meshes give more protection since it is more difficult to cut through and make more noise while cutting. Further, it also prevents birds and insects from entering the house from the window; thus, it is a wise investment to have. 

Burglars have a way even to open locked doors and windows, but can they saw or cut through thick steel or metal without alerting anyone?

The answer is no; they can’t. Thus one of the best ways to keep your windows secured from inside is to fit grills in the window. If you are aware that there have been burglaries in your neighborhood and you have huge windows, it is safe to put grills to avoid any mishaps to happen in the future. There is no way any burglar can saw or cut through a grill without waking anyone up, and hence it prevents burglars from even attempting to rob the house.

Even though a burglar is able to break the glass, they would not be able to enter as the grill, or the metal rods, so they make the perfect barrier.

How do I Protect My Windows from Burglars?

Now the question is, how does one make sure that their windows are burglar proof. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure. The same should be applied in the present matter. In the United States of America, where there are independent houses and no security to guard the houses, people get innovative in their approaches. Some of the approaches are listed below –

Installing an Alarm System or a Security System

There is an entire security industry to prevent burgling and break-ins. One of the biggest tools used by us is a security alarm and a security system. These systems are on the costlier side but are a one-time investment, which protects your house forever. 

As soon as a burglar even tries to open your window, the alarm goes off, and at the same time, the alarm also calls the cops, since the number is synced with their number, which helps cops reach your homes in a couple of minutes. This is one of the most used and most in-demand methods for securing homes. 

Security companies also put in better locks and better door frames, along with sensitivity testing cameras, which give an indication anytime an object is approaching near the house, thus providing security from all sides.

Install Better Fencing

1. Electrical Fencing

Along with security cameras, certain bigger estates also prefer to go forward with electrical fencing around their house. This process is extremely costly and is usually undertaken by those people who have mansions or huge houses and require adequate security to protect their valuables. This also has to be legally mandated with a sign stating that the fence is electrically wired. This itself proves as a deterrent for the burglars to try to enter the house. 

2. Using Pointy or Sharp Objects

Since this is an expensive option, people don’t opt for this. But to protect their houses, people use a similar strategy. They put pointy or sharp objects or sculptures around the window stilts, which prevents burglars from climbing into their windows. Even if they try, they could get hurt in the process, and the residents would get informed or alerted. 

3. Using Shrubs and Bushes

If grills and sharp objects and sculptures don’t look good, one can also use shrubs and bushes outside the window or below the window, which contains thorns. It makes noise when someone passes through it. 

The intruder would be hurt if he/she goes through it, and it makes your house look green and gives it a fresh look along with protecting it. Plants like shrubs, rose bushes, and cactus can be kept below the windows to grant an extra layer of protection.

4. Installing Window Air Conditioners

One can also install window air conditioners in their window socket to block the certain entryway, in those windows that are in easy reach of intruders, or where they are close to the bedrooms, where the residents sleep and where valuable items are kept. 

This is not a traditional window locking approach and this means you have to give up your window space but if it makes you feel unsafe then what is the point of having it?

How do I Secure My Window Screen?

You have a window screen, now the question arises how does one protect or reinforce their window screen from a burglar or from breakage. Windows are commonly made of glass, which is easy to damage and break; hence, it becomes difficult to grant complete protection and give the feeling of safety just by locking our windows. 

Many times people don’t find window grills attractive and do not like putting them, so they rely solely on the strength and protection provided by a glass window. One can do so but needs to follow certain steps and take certain precautions before doing the same. 

1. Use Tinted Screens

You can use tinted screens to protect your window screen. It protects the window glass from scratches and also prevents burglars and thieves from looking into your home. It also protects the window screen from a certain amount of damage, thus protects the resident’s privacy and also the screen from damages. 

This kind of tinted screen is also used in cars to protect it for the same reasons. It is a very thin and light sheet and won’t even cost too much to put in. 

2. Use Shatterproof/Tempered Glass

Replace your regular window glass with thick and sturdy shatterproof glass/tempered glass to prevent any breakage. That glass is extremely thick and does not break even when struck with a lot of force. 

It can withhold a few strong hits, which is sufficient enough to alert the residents to call the cops or vacate the premise. This glass does not break like ordinary glass, instead of as the name suggests, it shatters. This glass is extremely thick and can also serve the purpose of making the house soundproof and free from disturbances.

3. Replace Glass with Hard Plastic

One can also use sturdy and hard plastic in place of glass or over their glass window to add additional protection to their window screen. This looks like an ordinary glass window and gives an extra layer of protection to the residents.

4. Use Polycarbonate Glass

If one is ready to shell out good money, one can also purchase plexiglass or polycarbonate glass, which is ten times stronger than regular glass. Even though it looks like normal glass, it is made up of acrylic and thus is extremely difficult to break down.

5. Use Security Cameras

One can also put home security cameras strategically near the windows, which act as a deterrent for a lot of burglars to try to steal.

6. Use Motion Control Floodlights

Protect your window area by using extremely bright floodlights or moonlights. If one wants their windows along with their building protected, it is best to enhance visibility by putting a good quality floodlight. One can also purchase motion control floodlights, which are slightly more expensive, but give great visibility and capture the motion.

7. Get Into Neighborhood Watch Programs

One can also start a neighborhood watch program; this neighborhood watch not only helps you in securing home but also all the other homes in that block, making it extremely safe and cost-free. One can also keep a dog who will bark and alert everyone in the house if an intruder enters or will attack the intruder itself.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that one always needs to protect their home and their family, and they need the best quality material to do so. Physiological needs and safety needs are the two main needs according to Maslow’s needs hierarchy, and only after the satisfaction of these needs can a person move forward. 

Shelter and protection/safety come under these needs and are of the utmost importance. In today’s day and age, home security and safety are some of the most important aspects of our lives. It is our house where our family and us feel the safest; thus, it should have the best protection. 

Since burglary is becoming a regular issue in our society, it is better to be safe than to be sorry and to equip our doors and windows with the best home security services, locks, alarms, and material to prevent any mishap from taking place.

This has also resulted in the rise of the security industry in the United States of America, which provides professional and top-notch services for a reasonable price so that every family can feel protected and safe within their houses.

Since windows are one of the most vulnerable and one of the most used entry points by burglars, it needs the best protection, especially in those rooms, where our loved ones reside, and we keep our valuables. Even though we have most of our money in the banks, we have some valuable items at home which need to be protected at all cost. Thus providing adequate protection is of the highest importance so make sure to up your window security and make it burglar proof.