Ring vs Ring Pro: Comparison

It doesn’t matter what part of town you are in; every single house needs optimum security. And while we are discussing some of the best home security solutions, both Ring and Ring Pro deserve mention.

But, when it comes to talking about “Ring vs. Ring Pro,” the battle is head-on. Both these video doorbell solutions from Amazon are extremely popular. Not just because of the reliability of the brand but also because of the fantastic features.

They are a go-to choice for every homeowner. They help record videos of the people outside the door, but they also allow better two-way communication via a two-way voice feature.

Which one is better, though? And, which one is the one for you?

Although both the video doorbells offer some of the best features, only one comes out as a winner. Read on to find out which one we suggest as the superior option.

But, before you go, these are the features we are comparing the competitors on:

  • Overall features
  • Installation
  • Pricing and subscriptions
  • Connections and monitoring

Quick Overview

Before we put both these options against each other, the first thing that we need to focus on is a quick overview. For those readers who want a quick overview of things, we give answers to your confusion.


More than the differences, both Ring and Ring Pro come with a lot of similar features. Both the doorbells support easy installation without needing any professional interference. The two-way communication is another feature in both these doorbells that allow you to interact with people on the other side of the door.

With 720p and 1080p, the video quality of both Ring and Ring 2 is pretty impressive. It also alerts users with instant updates when connected to the application.

Some of the common grounds that Ring and Ring Pro match up include:

  • Easy installation
  • Mobile application integration
  • Night vision feature
  • Affordable and reasonably priced
  • Motion detection


Since we have put Ring and Ring Pro against each other, it goes without saying that they are going to be different on certain terms. The distinct differences between Ring and Ring Pro 2 help decide which one is a better option for you.

While Ring Pro is considered a “superior” option, it does differ on specific grounds, the first being the wired and wireless feature. The Ring doorbell is wireless, while the Ring Pro requires a wiring system to be installed. But, the factor that makes Ring Pro stand out is the camera and video quality. Ring supports 720p camera quality while Ring Pro supports a 1080p camera with a wide-angle lens. This offers a better view of the front door.

So, some of the features that Ring and Ring Pro differ on include:

  • Ring has wireless installation while Ring Pro is wired
  • Ring has 180 degrees field view while Ring Pro supports 160 degrees view
  • Ring Pro has night vision with LED technology
  • Ring Pro has a better motion detection
  • Ring Pro has a larger build than Ring doorbell
  • Ring Pro comes with customizable alerts

Comparison – Ring vs. Ring Pro

Now that we have dished out some of the basic grounds of similarities and differences, it is time to focus on the individual features of comparison.

Overall Features


Aside from the fact that Ring has a completely wireless installation, Ring video doorbell also supports a host of other features. It is enabled with smart motion detection along with night vision. It also sports a smart two-way communication with noise cancellation that lets you communicate with the person at the front door.

The doorbell also sports a stunning 720p camera with a wide 180-degree wide-angle view. Users can handle the alerts using the Ring app. Even though it is a wireless device, users can mount the same into an existing hardwired doorbell. But the best part is the lifetime warranty.

Ring Pro

Ring Pro required a wired system for installation. Aside from that, it is also equipped with a stunning 1080p camera with improved video quality. Unlike Ring, it only offers a 160-degree view. It is also equipped with LED technology for clearer night vision. Even this one supports two-way communication with noise cancellation.

The feature in Ring Pro that sets it apart from Ring is the customizable alerts. So, it can alert you in case something is wrong in the motion zones and such. You can customize what kind of alerts will play when specific motion is detected at the door or anywhere. It also comes with interchangeable faceplates and is weatherproof as well. Even this one comes with a lifetime warranty.


The installation process for both Ring and Ring Pro is pretty simple and can be done on your own. You can find the instruction manual inside the packaging. In case something doesn’t work out, they have prompt support that you can avail. Since you can do it on your own, it saves time and the extra charges you would have paid.

Out of the two, Ring Pro is a hardwired system, so you need to have the tools. Don’t get deterred because the Ring Pro can be installed in under 20 minutes following the instructions.



Pricing is something Ring is widely known for. They are incredibly affordable in comparison to the other options. Ring costs $99 for the device, as the one-time investment.

Ring Pro

The Ring Doorbell video costs $249 as the one time purchase, following which you can pay for the subscriptions if you want. Even though the price difference between the two is quite a lot, you pay for the good. This video doorbell has many more amazing features, including customizable updates and alerts, including two-way audio and even cloud storage.

For smart home security solutions, Ring does offer 24×7 professional monitoring. The subscription starts from $3 per month, per camera. But, if you don’t want to pay the extra price, it offers free self-monitoring.

Connections and Monitoring

As mentioned before, both Ring and Ring Video Doorbell 2 can be connected to the Ring app. This allows you to keep a check on the front door and even record HD videos. Connectivity and monitoring are pretty quick with both these variants. Any change in motion around the field of view and the alert comes directly on the app.

In case someone is at the front door, it will immediately connect to the Ring home security system and alert you accordingly. But, it comes with a few downsides too. It is only functional around the areas the camera is placed. It doesn’t offer a complete home security solution.

But, Ring Pro is a smart doorbell with amazing customizable and pro features. You can set up the messages according to the motion zones and areas. It can also be backed by cellular back-up in case the Wifi dies.

Is Ring 2 or Ring Pro better?

Priced at $199 on Amazon, Ring 2 is a slightly cheaper variant than Ring Pro. In terms of comparison, Ring Pro still steals the show with its amazing doorbell features, live view, and better audio quality.

Even if it costs more, Ring Pro is worth the price you pay. You can install it to an existing doorbell and be done for good. We would suggest getting the subscription for better security. It also allows you to keep the video and images recorded, in case there is an intruder that needs to be held accountable.


It doesn’t matter at all, both Ring and Ring Pro live up to the price you pay, but for the most part, Ring Pro steals the show. It comes with a wide range of amazing features, including motion detection, two-way communication, and customizable alerts that make it worth the investment. Unlike the original Ring video doorbell, Ring Pro has a better camera quality that assures crisp and clear images and HD video quality. If you want an all-around home security solution, we would suggest you get Ring Pro.